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Premium Photography Equipment Rental Service
  • What are the Terms & Conditions?

    Please click for terms and conditions.

  • I am a first time renter, how do I register with bookmylens?

    You can register using the following

    1. Sign up in
    2. Your email-id will be your login name for bookmylens website.
    3. Setup a password for bookmylens login.
    4. Attach the relevant documents.
    5. Complete the registration form by providing all the details.

    Incase the address in your passport does not match the current address, you will need to submit a copy of either rental agreement or utility bill (Telephone/Electricity). BookMylens will carry out further verification and approve/reject the same. Note: Registration Process: Customer can add the following account as beneficiary and Transfer an Registration Fee of 500 INR or Issue a cheque in favor of "Creative Capture Pvt Ltd" (Account will be processed in 1 Day, 500 INR non-refundable).

    For Bangalore Customers - Creative Capture Pvt Ltd, Current Account No: 50200005019560 Ifsc code : HDFC0000053 HDFC Bank, Bangalore and send an email from his/her business email-id to [email protected] Mandatory: First time renters need to visit our office along with the original documents submitted for registration (For Verification Purpose).

    For Mysore Customers - Creative Capture Pvt Ltd, Current Account No: 50200027284789 Ifsc code : HDFC0000065 HDFC Bank, Mysore, and send an email from his/her business email-id to [email protected] Mandatory: First time renters need to visit our office along with the original documents submitted for registration (For Verification Purpose).

  • What is your home delivery policy & charges?

    We offer delivery to select locations in Bangalore between Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Shipping charges depends on Location to Location, Charges starting from 100 INR. Note: Shipping charges for Delivery & Pickup are separate (if you are opting for only one service). No pickup or Delivery option for lighting equipments.

  • When can I pickup my equipment and when do I need to return?

    An appointment has to be made prior to the collection and return of the equipment. You may pick up the equipment after 5:00 PM one day prior the first day of rental, and return before 11:00 AM one day after the last day of rental at no extra charge. we will always try our best to accommodate your timing and special pickup/return time can be arranged by calling us in advance. Note: In case there is back to back orders, the equipment needs to be returned on the same day only; Last Rental Day. We can't accommodate flexible timings in these scenarios.

  • Can I do booking for only one day during the weekend?

    Yes. You can book for only one day. Note: Equipment booked for only saturday needs to be returned on the same day before 7 PM. Failing to do will attract one more day rental.

  • Is Delivery and Pickup avaialble for all items?

    Delivery and Pickup is not available for Lighting equipments like Elinchrome Strobes, Quadlux, Trilux etc., Also not available for Long Tele Lense like 500mm etc.

  • Different options available for Bookings?

    You can book any equipment by calling us on (080) 41633669 between 9:00 AM & 7:00 PM.

  • Can I avail delivery and pickup service once I get registered with BookMyLens?

    First time renters need to visit the office for there first rental. Only after that Delivery and Pickup will be available.

  • Is there any cancellation charges?

    Cancellation charges are applicable if cancelled 4 working days* before the actual rental date.
    Note: Bookings done today for tomorrow and not turning up for the rental will also attract charges. Customers who don't oblige to pay the cancellation charges, will have their accounts suspended immediately.

  • What happens if I don't pay the cancellation charges?

    You account will be suspended immediately.

  • I have booked for an equipment online. Can I make the payment at your office?

    Yes, you can. Equipment booked will be confirmed only when the amount is transfered to BML account (atleast 1 Day rental).

  • Which equipment is best for my shoot. Please advice.

    We look forward to sharing our extensive knowledge and expertise with you! We have a network of experienced photographers and they will be glad to share their expertise with you in the appropriate choice of equipment for your particular requirements.

  • Unable to find the equipment in the inventory.

    Feel free to contact us! We are constantly expanding our inventory. We may also be able to obtain the equipment from our partners. We also encourage you to letting us know of any equipment which are not yet listed on our website, which you feel should be included in our inventory.

  • Can I reserve the equipment?

    Yes, you can. Select the equipment and click on Book Now, enter the relevant details and submit. Transfer 1 Day rental charges to the following account with the Order-ID as reference. Creative Capture Pvt Ltd Current Account No: 50200005019560 Ifsc code : HDFC0000053 HDFC Bank, KORAMANGALA

  • What if I think something is wrong with the equipment when I start using it?

    All our equipment goes through a quality check before and after each rental service. We check each lens visually, test it for focus and sharpness. We ensure the lenses are clean and they work as intended. In case of any issues, please call us immediately and bring it to our notice.

  • What if I have other queries not addressed above?

    Please call/sms us at (080) 41633669 / 9611234528 or drop us an Email: [email protected]

  • I just made a booking online and I have got an email for the same. What am I suppose to do now?

    Please call us or email us with the Booking ID which was emailed to you and let us know your payment method for the same so that we can approve it. Once booking is done online, the item remains unavailable for other customers, so cancellation of the same at the last min attracts charges.

  • I am a regular customer, do I get any discount?

    Yes. From day 1 you would have been accumulating points for the transactions you are doing with us. Note: Please check the number of points accumulated in your points wallet and you can make use of them accordingly.

  • Is there any extra charges if returned late?

    Post 11 AM return of any equipments will attract extra charges based the number of hours delayed.

  • I have made payment for the rental days in advance, Now I need to cancel the Order. Do you refund the amount?

    Complete amount will be refunded if the order is canceled at-least 10 working days (before) the actual rental start date. Otherwise, 50% of the amount will be refunded. For time taken for refund and method of payment, please get in touch with the BML Team.

  • I am a first time renter. What documents do I need to bring to your office?

    All original documents supporting the documents submitted online needs to be carried with you to our office for verification purpose. Along with this, a copy of the documents which are self-attested.

  • Can I pick up the equipment earlier than the mentioned time (5 PM)?

    Yes, you can pickup the equipment depending on the availability of the same and of course with extra charges applied for the same depending on the time of pickup.

  • I want to pickup the item by 12 noon today and will return it next day by 12 noon. Is this a 1 Day rental?

    No, it will be counted as 2 days rental. We don't follow 24 hours timing.

  • Do we earn Points for the transaction we do?

    Yes, you do earn points for the transaction completed successfully. For every 100 INR you will earn 2.5 point.

  • Where can I access the Points Wallet?

    Once you login go to your accounts tab, you will see the points wallet tab along with the details.

  • is goods and service tax (GST) applicable?

    Yes, for individuals who do not have GST certificate, BML will absorb the Tax, and for individuals / companies that have GST certificate, they will be charged GST accordingly on the total amount payable (as per the order).

  • What is HSN code for Equipment Rental Service?

    997329 -- Leasing or Rental Services Concerning Other Goods 997319 -- Leasing or Rental Services Concerning Machinery and Equipment With or Without Operator.

  • What do you provide with the camera?

    We provide a fully charged battery and typically one memory card ranging from 32GB to 64GB, depending on the camera model. These accessories are included with your camera rental.

  • Can I request specific accessories or additional items with my rental?

    Yes, absolutely! If you have special requirements such as extra batteries, larger memory cards, specific lenses, tripods, or other accessories, please let us know at the time of booking. Additional items may be available for an extra charge.