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Manfrotto MIDI HYBRID-36LED Light Asia ML360H-1

The ML360 Midi Hybrid light is primarily designed for hobbyists and has not only the features of the ML360 but has a flash function that gives a pulse of light four times brighter than the maximum constant light output. An infinitely variable dimmer allows precise control over light output and exposure. When fitted onto a DSLR shoe, a handy 3200K LED lights your camera controls to assist you in low light conditions. The ML360H has “DUO” facility, with it’s two female attachments on the light body allowing it to be mounted either horizontally or vertically. It also means that units can be stacked together to give greater light output. It can be hand held, mounted on camera shoes or fitted to Manfrotto support products as it has a ¼” bush integrated.

No. of Days Per Day Rates
1+ 350 INR
3+ 300 INR
6+ 250 INR
10+ 200 INR
14+ 150 INR
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Mounting Method: Double Shoe Mount Battery life - Alkaline: 45.0min Battery life - NiMh (1000mAh): 1.0hr Battery type: 4 x AAA Beam angle: 30.0degrees Colour temperature: 5600K CRI: 80 Dimmable: 0%-100% Flash Mode: yes Guide Number (m @ 100ISO): 1.7 Luminous Flux: 126 Lux @ 1m: 420.0 Number of LEDs: 36 Recycle time: 110ms