Manfrotto Camera Slider 100cm

In just a few simple steps and within minutes professional videographers and photographers can add the value of tracking shots to their videos, achieving a whole new level of creativity that sets them apart from other colleagues in the profession. This is a sturdy yet lightweight, extremely portable solution that’s quick and easy to set up on a tripod, on the ground or any level surface. The slider gives a vast choice of shooting options while ensuring perfectly balanced friction that can easily be adjusted to tailor the creative feel of tracking shots in indoor and outdoor locations. This high-quality sturdy and steady solution is Made in Italy by Manfrotto using the best materials: fully machined anodized aluminum; high precision steel ball bearings; extra-silent, PSU - high performance polymer wheels. Numerous standard attachments enable it to be combined with accessories and products such as arms and Digital Director.

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High precision ball bearings Extremely smooth and precise sliding movement Friction System allows to adjust the feel of the tracking shot Multiple standard attachments Leveling bubble for easy setup

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