Filmcity Power Camera Cage Mount for DSLR - FC-CTH-P

Filmcity always keep in mind the need and demand of all cinematographers therefore has launched hi- grade Power Dslr camera cage with multiple features. This form-fitted, versatile and strong camera cage includes powerful grip top handle which provides comfortable handheld shooting. Ergonomically designed anti-slip soft grip side handles allow steady and fatigue free shooting experience. Its inbuilt quick release allows rapid attachment and detachment of cameras. This Robust cage is an asset for any video maker due to its multiple accessory mounting capabilities. Ideal gear for those who need a simple yet creative way to get more out of their work. WHAT'S IN THE BOX Filmcity Power Camera Cage Mount for DSLR (FC-CTH-P) FEATURES Lightweight construction. Portable and Fully Functional Cage. Allows you to mount variety of accessories. Ideal for professional or amateur cameraman/filmmaker. Easily adjustable in height with the addition of longer rods. Quick release plate allows quick mounting and dismounting of camera. Easy switching from Handheld to Tripod. Durable material ensures the longevity the product.

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Rods Material : Black anodized Aluminum Rods Rod support Material Made with high impact, high strength Polyamide resin Rods Diameter : 15mm Central distance : 60mm Camera Mounting screw : 1/4"-20 Tripod Mounting thread: 1/4"-20 Product Weight : 2.5kg/5lb

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